This is for Zachariah, an intelligent and resourceful Deaf student from Kenya, who deserves a helping hand in attending the English Lanuage Institute of Gallaudet University. He has been accepted but his tuition of $27,000, which will be paid directly from us to the English Lanuage Institute must be raised, and he needs money for expenses, such as air fare from Nairobi to Washington D.C.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Daily Life with Zach

Two or three times a week, Zach and I "chat" by sending each other several emails within a 20-minute period. Sometimes his meaning is very clear, sometimes cloudy due to his level in English which I would call "pre-intermediate". I have the same problem with hearing people as I do with Zach. His English is not great. That's one reason he wants to attend an English Language Institute for the Deaf, which of course, is the purpose of this fundraising blog.

Yesterday morning for example, he told me that his parents and sisters make fun of him, since he spends the little money he earns on internet access exclusively. He is disregarded as a lost dreamer.

Update, a couple of days later: Ever since Zachariah saw the reality of his fundraiser actually receiving contributions since launch day 3 days ago (Sept. 3rd), his spirits seem high. 
I should copy and paste his emails here, which I will do in the future.

Getting back to his problem of internet access: Maybe the first expense will not be tuition. Perhaps internet access first, and a modest laptop. We really must all be able to keep in touch with him on his Facebook page in order to give him words of encouragement, and to get to know him. Hopefully, this will help enormously in bringing in contributions. What do you think?

Please Watch a Video and Please Contribute!

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