This is for Zachariah, an intelligent and resourceful Deaf student from Kenya, who deserves a helping hand in attending the English Lanuage Institute of Gallaudet University. He has been accepted but his tuition of $27,000, which will be paid directly from us to the English Lanuage Institute must be raised, and he needs money for expenses, such as air fare from Nairobi to Washington D.C.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Important Message: Zachariah No Longer a Candidate for Gallaudet

 I just receivedn a copy of this message from the English Language Institute of Gallaudet, addressed to Zach:
 "Thank you for your email.  The address that we used to send you a FedEx package did not work.  It came back to us.

After we reviewed your ELI application in more depth, we have unfortunate news for you.  Since you did not attend any more than three classes at the Bible school and did not attend high school at all, we have to close your ELI application.  You are not qualified to attend the English Language Institute.  We would like to encourage you to find a school nearby where you can get a high school diploma or its equivalent.  We wish you luck in your future endeavors".

From OperationsCenter for International Programs and Services  ELI, Gallaudet University:

Therefore, I will send the amount collected to Zachariah as soon as he sets up his own PayPal to receive the funds which he has so far received. If you made a donation, and/or if you are an Active Participant, please keep in mind that we should not think of this effort as a failure. He will soon have a small nest egg for pursuing his education, or for improving his situation in general.

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